WB Games Montreal Hints Again at a New ‘Batman’ Game

Last month, leaked concept art suggested that we were originally going to be receiving a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight. Even before that, there have been rumours of a new Batman game in the works over at WB Games. And now, those rumours are at it again.

With Batman celebrating his 80th this past weekend, WB Games Montreal took to Twitter to join in on the celebration. In doing so, they’ve left another tease. In the tweet, you can see the video of the Bat signal on the building. However, for a fraction of a second, another logo shows up in the video.

Many on Twitter are assuming this tease has something to do with a rumored Court of Owls game. This goes back to the devteam members in Montreal posting tweets with pictures showing them wearing the Court of Owls logo. This new logo posted by WB Games, however, isn’t the same logo. Whatever the case may be, it looks like we’ll be in for the return of The Dark Knight in video game form.